Re: The wisdom of the object mentors

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 21:37:03 GMT
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Patrick May wrote:

> Bob Badour <> writes:

>>> How does he demonstrate that?
>>With what he wrote. I apologize but I cannot give you a basic
>>education through usenet. If you lack the ability to recognize how he
>>demonstrates his ignorance from your own education and from what has
>>already been written in this thread, then you have a moral obligation
>>to educate yourself before continuing to pretend you have any
>>qualifications at all for computing or software development. (Let
>>alone expertise.)
> Wow. Very impressive evasion. Still evasion, though.

You might even have had a point had I not already demonstrated his idiocy and ignorance many times over.

It's not like I owe you infinite amounts of my time. I don't owe you anything, and you have no right to demand anything from me.

Since you are unable to recognize substantive arguments, which I have already supplied aplenty, and since you are yourself clearly a self-aggrandizing ignorant, I am going to add you to my twit-filter. Pretending I have any obligation to comply with your idiotic demands when you have already proved it would be a complete waste of my time is not something I am wont to do.

The fact that I won't be replying directly to anything you write implies nothing about the quality of whatever nonsense you might choose to post.

>>>>He is an incompetent self-aggrandizing ignorant. He has proved
>>>>beyond any possible doubt that he no longer deserves any benefit of
>>>>any doubt. He is an idiot.
>>> You've been claiming this and hurling similar insults
>>>throughout this thread. I have yet to see you prove it.
>>With all due respect, your failure to recognize the proof while
>>loudly self-proclaiming expertise in software development only
>>groups you with the other self-aggrandizing ignorants.

>      "Loudly self-proclaiming expertise"?  You seem to have me
> confused with someone else.

Yes, apparently, I have you confused with the idiot who uses a signature 8 lines high that includes the text: "The experts in large scale distributed OO systems design and implementation."

If that is not you, I apologize. However, the person, who includes that signature, loudly self-proclaims expertise. He is also stupid and ignorant of the most fundamental knowledge required for systems design and implementation. Hence, the observation that he is a self-aggrandizing ignorant.

   I note that you have still failed to
> support your insults towards Mr. Martin.

I left very clear trail markers about where Mr. Martin demonstrated his ignorance, his stupidity, his sloppy thinking etc. when I provided the substantive arguments to back the observations.

I can only assume you are just as ignorant of what a data model is as is Mr. Martin. I can only assume you lack the cognitive ability to recognize gibberish, like the gibberish Mr. Martin writes so frequently, even after someone explains it to you.

You leave me no choice but to conclude that you are too stupid and too ignorant to understand the many substantive arguments already given.

>>>If Mr. Martin's claims are so foolish, it should be a simple
>>>matter for you to show how they are foolish without resorting to
>>>schoolyard vernacular.
>>I have already demonstrated very clearly how they are foolish many
>>times. I would suggest you go back and re-read what I have written.

>      I've been following this thread moderately closely and have seen
> little but invective from you.  Please point out where you have
> specifically demonstrated Mr. Martin's foolishness.

I have no interest in repeating myself or in appointing myself your errand boy. Go to google groups and look it up for yourself.

>>> You might have valid points to make, but based on your
>>> behavior in this thread I doubt it.
>>If you have any doubt, the source of that problem is not my
> You must be a delight to work with.

Indeed, that's what many of my colleagues have told me.

>>My frustration and anger at self-aggrandizing ignorant snake-oil
>>salesmen, who make demonstrably false claims to expertise, have
>>nothing to do with fear. Or at least, no fear for myself. I bristle
>>at the harm you do to your victims, though.

>      I haven't victimized anyone in weeks.  You haven't demonstrated
> any foundation for your insults in this thread.

I haven't demonstrated any foundation that you were intelligent enough or knowledgeable enough to recognize. That's not the same as not having demonstrated it. If you are unwilling to meet me half-way, that's your problem and not mine.

   Your behavior
> definitely suggests a non-rational basis.

You can project whatever you want onto me. I have little need for armchair psychobabble.

> Sincerely,
> Patrick
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