Re: The wisdom of the object mentors

From: Patrick May <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 17:16:42 +0100
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Bob Badour <> writes:
> > How does he demonstrate that?
> With what he wrote. I apologize but I cannot give you a basic
> education through usenet. If you lack the ability to recognize how he
> demonstrates his ignorance from your own education and from what has
> already been written in this thread, then you have a moral obligation
> to educate yourself before continuing to pretend you have any
> qualifications at all for computing or software development. (Let
> alone expertise.)

     Wow. Very impressive evasion. Still evasion, though.

> > > He is an incompetent self-aggrandizing ignorant. He has proved
> > > beyond any possible doubt that he no longer deserves any benefit of
> > > any doubt. He is an idiot.
> > You've been claiming this and hurling similar insults
> > throughout this thread. I have yet to see you prove it.
> With all due respect, your failure to recognize the proof while
> loudly self-proclaiming expertise in software development only
> groups you with the other self-aggrandizing ignorants.

     "Loudly self-proclaiming expertise"? You seem to have me confused with someone else. I note that you have still failed to support your insults towards Mr. Martin.

> > If Mr. Martin's claims are so foolish, it should be a simple
> > matter for you to show how they are foolish without resorting to
> > schoolyard vernacular.
> I have already demonstrated very clearly how they are foolish many
> times. I would suggest you go back and re-read what I have written.

     I've been following this thread moderately closely and have seen little but invective from you. Please point out where you have specifically demonstrated Mr. Martin's foolishness.

> > You might have valid points to make, but based on your
> > behavior in this thread I doubt it.
> If you have any doubt, the source of that problem is not my
> behavior.

     You must be a delight to work with.

> My frustration and anger at self-aggrandizing ignorant snake-oil
> salesmen, who make demonstrably false claims to expertise, have
> nothing to do with fear. Or at least, no fear for myself. I bristle
> at the harm you do to your victims, though.

     I haven't victimized anyone in weeks. You haven't demonstrated any foundation for your insults in this thread. Your behavior definitely suggests a non-rational basis.



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