From: Noons <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 20:30:18 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

I start to prepare for the install in our sandpit Aix system...

"Everyone else" is using it, says the Oracle used car sales - sorry, I mean: the account rep.

That means it's reasonably well sorted out, me thinks. I mean, if "everyone else" is using it, presumably BASIC INSTALL BUGS are ironed out by now?
And maybe this is a good progression for our tried and tested and working perfectly

Yeah, I should have known better...

Ran all the pre-requisite tools/scripts/checks/whatever. Checked all the software levels according to the installation guides, release notes, etcetc.

All match:
running Aix 5.3 TL9, which is much more than the official pre- prequisite.
and all listed patches/packages are installed or above level.

Good, me theenks. This might actually work flawlessly, for once...


Then I crank up the installer.
Which promptly asks me to trust my life to Configuration Manger. Yeah, right: in a pig's arse! So, it proceeds and trods along for a while.

Only to "clunk" with two missing packages: rsct.basic.rte

After a bit of digging around the forums, I reach the conclusion that no one has a clue how to bypass this, except one of the two, pick whichever is less disruptive, to be compatible with those packages:

  • install 7.1 Aix
  • install 5.3 TL12 of Aix.

So now, a simple Oracle upgrade has turned into a major OS and DB upgrade.


WTF don't the pre-requisites scripts and tools and doco mention this little detail?
What, the installer knows about it but the pre-req scripts don't? And they want me to trust their config manger when they can't even get a OS base set right?

If I had trusted the install "process and doco" and scheduled an outage for the software install, I'd have been in hot water. That sandpit virtual lpar system has paid for itself more than once!

Oracle is not really a complicated install, as I've said a great many times.
What is a nightmare is getting all involved needles pointing in the right direction.
And has been for YONKS! About time this sort of nonsense stopped happening, mr Oracle!

What a sad, sad joke! Received on Mon Jan 16 2012 - 22:30:18 CST

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