ODBC with Oracle and Informix on the same server.

From: enrico badella <badella_at_polec1.polito.it>
Date: 3 Dec 1993 08:57:25 GMT
Message-ID: <2dmv1l$fem_at_galileo.polito.it>

Let me same I don't know much (almost anything) about ODBC so the question may be naive or FAQ.

I have a server with both Oracle 6.x and Informix SE and I would like to access data from Visual C++ and Visual Basic applications. Up to yesterday I was sure that I just had to install an Informix and Oracle OBDC server (process) on my server and just call the ODBC methods in my two Visual X languages. Yesterday an itinerating consultant came in and told us that I will need SQL-Net and xxx (I forgot the Informix product) on each PC in order to use OBDC. We have an installed based of more than 200 PCs so the cost of installing SQL-Net on all would be outrageous compared to what the application I'm writing will do.

Thanks for all your suggestion. Received on Fri Dec 03 1993 - 09:57:25 CET

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