Re: ODBC with Oracle and Informix on the same server.

From: Mark Richter <mrichter_at_oracle.uucp>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 04:38:14 GMT
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>enrico badella (L.R.) ( wrote:
>: Yesterday an itinerating consultant came in and told
>: us that I will need SQL-Net and xxx (I forgot the Informix product) on
>: each PC in order to use OBDC.
>Your consultant is right. ODBC needs the database-specific networking
>product for your PC. In your case, you will have to buy Oracle's
>SQL*Net (preferably the Windows product, since it runs as DLL and
>doesn't use up precious DOS memory) and Informix's I-NET/PC.

There's been some traffic on the Oracle CompuServe Forum about an outfit in England that claims to have an ODBC driver for Oracle that runs without SQL*Net. If you've got access to CIS youm might want to investigate this option.

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