Re: There are no Oracle gurus!

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: 21 Jan 2005 12:31:11 -0800
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> >
> >So why didn't you provide the helping hand instead of
> >criticizing my response?
> Because (A) I don't pretend to be an Oracle expert
> and (B) you needed the criticism.

for (A)
the question wasn't about ORACLE, the bottom line question was about comparing datatypes across DBMS. His best answers would likely come in a more appropriate group like comp.databases, not here. for (B)
[Quoted] [Quoted] If you browsed back a bit, you'd see that the regulars have all received this critism before. It's just not needed.
> I've been reading Oracle topics in newsgroups for a couple of months
> now and I have found little to no useful information in all that
> Most respondants either tell you to hire a DBA, go back to school, or
> try to change the subject.

[Quoted] Daniel can be harsh at times, but he has seen a LOT of the crap produced by ORACLE wannabes, who try to jump from using MS ACCESS or [Quoted] [Quoted] SQL Server. And there are definitely a significant number of students that try to get their work done for them here.

[Quoted] [Quoted] I will say this about recent threads. The quality of the Questions seems to have gone way down. And even when we have replied trying to get more information so we can help, the original poster seldom replies. I wonder more and more if posters think this is a chat room where the replies will come in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days. When they see no response after a few minutes, they walk away.

> It's sad really. One just doesn't see the willfull exchange of
> information as found in other technologies.

Maybe that's why the users of ACCESS seldom even understand the technology they use, because they just get code samples handed to them, instead of the ideas and principles needed to solve the problem.
> I suppose it was rather impulsive of me to write this - I just can't
> figure out if the Oracle experts are rude or just ignorant.
> Sorry to the OP since I wasn't helpful with these posts.

It would be nice to hear some feedback from the OP.

One readers rude is another's measured, respectful reply. What you read into a post is up to you.

[Quoted] Meanwhile I suggest you keep reading here. Judge the answers in the context of the questions (and other spam that's made its way into here). One good question will often get a stream of good answers. have a nice day.

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