Re: There are no Oracle gurus!

From: <>
Date: 24 Jan 2005 08:55:22 -0800
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Ed Prochak wrote:
> for (B)
> If you browsed back a bit, you'd see that the regulars have all
> received this critism before. It's just not needed.

Obviously it WAS needed.

> Daniel can be harsh at times, but he has seen a LOT of the crap
> produced by ORACLE wannabes, who try to jump from using MS ACCESS or
> SQL Server.

There's that holier-than-thou attitude again. Is there such thing as an Oracle wannabes? Or is this just Oracle users inflating their own self-worth.

> And there are definitely a significant number of students
> that try to get their work done for them here.

[Quoted] And who really cares. Its not their job to ensure that students aren't [Quoted] cheating. That is just another cheap excuse used by people who don't know the answer.

> I will say this about recent threads. The quality of the Questions
> seems to have gone way down.

Just simply puts them on par with the quality of answers.

> Meanwhile I suggest you keep reading here. Judge the answers in the
> context of the questions (and other spam that's made its way into
> here). One good question will often get a stream of good answers.
> have a nice day.
> Ed

Thanks Ed, but I think I will move on to where there is more exchanging of ideas and less ego massaging. Received on Mon Jan 24 2005 - 17:55:22 CET

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