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From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 11:26:45 -0300
Message-Id: <>

I have a simple question:

Why do some of you refer to your spouses as "the wife"?! It makes it = sound
like you don't feel any attachment to her at all.

Also, why was it "the wife's flowers"? Don't you live in that house = too?

Just curious, sometimes I wonder why people get married in the first = place.
Peer pressure maybe? Maybe some men and women get married because they = want
to fit in, not because they really care about each other for the long = term.
Never mind the vows...

Nobody seems to have picked up on this.

I am a man, and I never refer to my wife as "the wife." It is disrespectful.

Patrice Boivin
Systems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)

Systems Admin & Operations | Admin. et Exploit. des syst=E8mes
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Informatics Branch         | Direction de l'informatique=20
Maritimes Region, DFO      | R=E9gion des Maritimes, MPO

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	From:	Michael Kline []
	Sent:	Thursday, June 01, 2000 12:47 AM
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	Subject:	RE: Work vs marriage

	Been there myself, and can relate.

When I was Operations Manager, I had to coordinate the move of the
data center, keep everyone pretty much ignorant that we had even moved, = and
then provide the data side support of that move as the rest of the department, some 900+ people came to the new building. When they came = to the
new building, they put their terminal on the moved desk, plugged into = the
wall, and they were up and running.


        IBM said it was the smoothest move they had seen in 10 years, and we broke the system down at 12:00 noon on Friday and were up 4PM on = Sunday, and
only had about 32-64 users out of 255+ that had to wait till Monday afternoon to connect(bell tel had two bad lines). I had over 1,000 = hours of
over time that year... Of course the state didn't pay, UNTIL they = realized
my taking "comp time" which I WAS entitled to would be almost 6 months. = Then
they paid me. Was nice for that year, but needless to say a strain on = the
family. But receiving 1/2 years wage as a bonus was a pretty nice = "gift"..


        Now if I have an 60-80 hour week, which is very rare, management knows in advance I'll be taking an appropriate time off next week, or they'll owe my wife a very expensive dinner, or in one case a paid = weekend
in Colonial Williamsburg with car, hotel, and tickets to the events, = etc....
Fair is fair.


        I'm down to about 45-55 hours a week, but it pays well, and I'm DBA for about 8-12 companies, 1 to 50 gig. "No database surprises" and = that's
what they want. I work almost exclusively from home now, cable modem, 3 phone lines, 5 computers. That's quite a change and it took a lot of = getting
used to. Flex schedules that if I have to pull data at 6PM, I may take = a 2
hour lunch, things like that. (I took a hour plus break during this = note to
host a visit from my twins.... they popped in to visit.) Received on Thu Jun 01 2000 - 09:26:45 CDT

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