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RE: off topic --> RE: Work vs marriage

From: Christine Turner <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 10:12:17 -0000
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Amen Patrice! Your spouse is extremely lucky!

From: 	Boivin, Patrice J[]
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Sent: 	Thursday, June 01, 2000 8:36 AM
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Subject: 	off topic --> RE: Work vs marriage

I have a simple question:

Why do some of you refer to your spouses as "the wife"?! It makes it sound like you don't feel any attachment to her at all.

Also, why was it "the wife's flowers"? Don't you live in that house too?

Just curious, sometimes I wonder why people get married in the first place. Peer pressure maybe? Maybe some men and women get married because they want to fit in, not because they really care about each other for the long term. Never mind the vows...

Nobody seems to have picked up on this.

I am a man, and I never refer to my wife as "the wife." It is disrespectful.

Patrice Boivin
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	From:	Michael Kline []
	Sent:	Thursday, June 01, 2000 12:47 AM
	To:	Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
	Subject:	RE: Work vs marriage

	Been there myself, and can relate.
	When I was Operations Manager, I had to coordinate the move of the
data center, keep everyone pretty much ignorant that we had even moved, and then provide the data side support of that move as the rest of the department, some 900+ people came to the new building. When they came to the new building, they put their terminal on the moved desk, plugged into the wall, and they were up and running.          

        IBM said it was the smoothest move they had seen in 10 years, and we broke the system down at 12:00 noon on Friday and were up 4PM on Sunday, and only had about 32-64 users out of 255+ that had to wait till Monday afternoon to connect(bell tel had two bad lines). I had over 1,000 hours of over time that year... Of course the state didn't pay, UNTIL they realized my taking "comp time" which I WAS entitled to would be almost 6 months. Then they paid me. Was nice for that year, but needless to say a strain on the family. But receiving 1/2 years wage as a bonus was a pretty nice "gift"..          

        Now if I have an 60-80 hour week, which is very rare, management knows in advance I'll be taking an appropriate time off next week, or they'll owe my wife a very expensive dinner, or in one case a paid weekend in Colonial Williamsburg with car, hotel, and tickets to the events, etc.... Fair is fair.          

        I'm down to about 45-55 hours a week, but it pays well, and I'm DBA for about 8-12 companies, 1 to 50 gig. "No database surprises" and that's what they want. I work almost exclusively from home now, cable modem, 3 phone lines, 5 computers. That's quite a change and it took a lot of getting used to. Flex schedules that if I have to pull data at 6PM, I may take a 2 hour lunch, things like that. (I took a hour plus break during this note to host a visit from my twins.... they popped in to visit.)          

	Tech Consultant <> 
Author: Boivin, Patrice J

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