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Re[2]: off topic --> RE: Work vs marriage

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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 14:51:11 -0400
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    How very true. But to Patrice question, the reason I said "the wife'= s
flowers" is because she paid for them. Hence in this case the context wa= s in
"who paid the bill". Had it been my bill it would have been "the flowers= ". On
that note, I prefer to refer to items my loving wife purchases with the f= unds
she earns as hers. For many a year she remained at home minding our chil= dren,
which was mutually agreed upon. Over that time she felt like a "leech" (= her
words, not mine) since I was the one earning a paycheck. Now that she ha= s a
paycheck of her own, I prefer to have her retain possession of the items = she
buys. Makes her feel good, which is mutually agreeable.

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Subject: Re: off topic --> RE: Work vs marriage Author: "Scott Shafer" <> Date: 6/1/00 9:56 AM

Depends on your social circumstance whether the term is respectful or not= =2E
In my wilder days, I often hung with a biker crowd. If you considered yo= ur
wife/girfriend your "Old Lady", it was a term of highest respect. "Old Ladies" where respected by everyone, male and female alike. So it depend= s
on your particular social semantics. Its hard to convey context over the=

email medium...

Scott Shafer
San Antonio, TX

> I have a simple question:
> Why do some of you refer to your spouses as "the wife"?! It makes it
> like you don't feel any attachment to her at all.
> Also, why was it "the wife's flowers"? Don't you live in that house to=
> Just curious, sometimes I wonder why people get married in the first
> Peer pressure maybe? Maybe some men and women get married because they=

> to fit in, not because they really care about each other for the long
> Never mind the vows...
> Nobody seems to have picked up on this.
> I am a man, and I never refer to my wife as "the wife." It is
> disrespectful.
> Regards,
> Patrice Boivin
> Systems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)
> Systems Admin & Operations | Admin. et Exploit. des syst=E8mes
> Technology Services | Services technologiques
> Informatics Branch | Direction de l'informatique
> Maritimes Region, DFO | R=E9gion des Maritimes, MPO
> E-Mail: <>
> Ph: (902) 426-4774

Author: Scott Shafer

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