Streams for one-time single source replication

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 13:35:07 -0600 (CST)
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Hey all,

So I'm looking at a shrinking downtime window for an> (both EE) production DB move/reconfigure across two systems with only 1Gb network connecting them. The move is going from AIX 5.3 to AIX 7.1 with a subset of schemas/tablespaces.

Not only is the downtime short for the cutover, but time until the cutoff is very short (3-4 months), so I was thinking to use Streams to get this done. Basically, I was hoping for this at a *very* high level:

  1. Create new DB on destination server.
  2. Sometime before cutover, use Streams to sync schemas from source to dest.
  3. At cutover, stop Streams.
  4. Start business on new dest DB.

First, does this one-shot one-way replication sound doable?

Second, a week in the Oracle Streams class (online, at 3:00AM???) seems to be a waste. I see a few books out there -- any recommendations on firehose-to-a-teacup learning materials?


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