Re: ODBC with Oracle and Informix on the same server.

From: Axel Wilzopolski <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 10:54:49 GMT
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Franz Krojer ( wrote:

: Your consultant is right. The ODBC drivers for ORACLE and INFORMIX
: need the net products SQL*Net and Informix-Net for remote
: access. But there are alternatives.

: We, i.e. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme, have developed
: the Database Access Service DBA, which offers among other
: features DDE and ODBC to different databases (Informix,
: Oracle, Ingres, SESAM/SQL and UDS/SQL). The net products of
: the database systems (SQL*Net, Informix-Net, Ingres-Net) are
: not necessary. DBA offers this access within one product. You
: do not need one driver for Oracle and another for Informix.
: DBA.D (the MS-DOS/Windows client of DBA) can be used as ODBC
: driver for all the mentioned database systems. Additionaly
: DBA.D offers a DDE interface, an ESQL/C interface and a
: uniform SQL syntax for all databases.

: For more information contact your local SNI branch or contact
: me or:

Were we to use DBA.D - would we have to install any additional products on the server's side apart from the backends ?

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