Re: Is there anybody using this discussion group at all?

From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 20:35:20 +1000
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[Quoted] On 11/05/2016 1:13 _at_wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:


> Still, this is the only place where it is possible to publish some
> things. For instance, Jonathan Lewis published his thinking about scoring
> of the speakers on the conferences. I tried leaving a comment on his
> blog, saying that scoring of the speakers should also include the stoning
> option, since many of those "expert sessions" at the conferences are just
> a huge waste of time and the angry attendees should really have an option
> to stone the speaker, regardless of whether he uttered the word "Jehova"
> or not. The comment has promptly vanished from the Scratchpad, I wonder
> why.

[Quoted] HAHA! Welcome to the club of the "Bad DBAs". :)

We are so because we don't follow guru's gospel without question. And of course we are all "uneducated" because the best educator in the world (who has never taught a thing in his life) says so...

Mind you: Jonathan at least does a lot of good stuff. I always have a lot of time for him - and quite a few others.

Unlike other "table sitting bulls" (and cows) who have said nothing of any use in more than a decade. Other than join the "bad dba!" chorus.

Ah well, wait for the comments that will for sure be part of a blog very soon now. One of the reasons I stopped blogging: not worth it...

In fact, the entire "Oracle community" is not worth it. Hence why I stopped my activities.

Say whatever you want but when 35 "active community members" confirm they are attending a meetup with Chris Date - one of the fathers of databases as we know them today - and only 7 show up in the day, something is veeeeeeery wrong.

I actually ended up inviting the next door meetup of MSSQL DBAs to joins us and listen to Chris. They did, quite a few. Better yet: they knew full well who Chris was and why it was a unique opportunity. Unlike most of the "Oracle dba"s we had there...

Ah well, I guess all that bull from Oracle and HP during the late 90s and early 00s that dbas were worthless has finally attracted some followers.

Mind you: they also lost the best promoters of their RDBMS product. But don't listen to me, just read carefully their next financial statement... Talk about shooting one's foot off... Received on Wed May 11 2016 - 12:35:20 CEST

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