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Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 10:36:03 -0000
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"Mladen Gogala" <> wrote in message news:hcihgo$7o6$
> On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 11:26:54 +0000, Jonathan Lewis wrote:
>> The threat of being sued for a derogatory comment (even a true one)
>> being made by a list member was something that no-one else wanted to
>> take on - and you're complaining because you now can't say whatever you
>> like whenever you like because Steve took on that risk.
> My comments could neither be qualified as libel nor slander so they did
> not pose a danger to anyone. Nobody could have sued either me or the
> moderator for my comments. I am complaining because I was prevented from
> telling lazy ignorants off. It is this "enforcing the morality" that I am
> complaining about and that is what turned the oracle-l into a useless
> high traffic forum. In addition to that, such danger no longer existed
> when he banned me for bad behavior.

Let me repeat this bit - since you seem to have missed the point:

    When Steve took responsibility for Oracle-L, the previous     moderator had decided to shut it down because of noises     begin made in the US courts about moderators being responsible     for all comments made on such lists.

Steve took on the list when no-one else would. Had it not been for him the list would have ceased to exist years ago, and there would have been no need, or opportunity, for you to tell anyone off.

It's his game, if you don't like the rules no-one is going to force you to play. I'd be curious to know, though, how long you survived on the list after he took over.


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