Re: Dataguard and OEM

From: Fabrice <>
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 11:49:08 +0100
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Mladen Gogala wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:31:14 +0100, Fabrice wrote:

>> Hello,
>> Always with my dataguard with oracle 10g... Mays I ask you for two
>> informations ?
>> 1/ Is it possible to create the OEM console fa physical standby ?
>> I have my production database create with the wizard. So the OEM console
>> is automaticaly created. With the service. (I'm under windows). I make
>> up my dataguard configuration manually. So the OEM console is not
>> created. But I would like to pre-create a console If I realize a
>> switchover or if one day I haver to do a failover... Is it possible ?
>> For the moment I have realize a switchover and after create the console
>> with emca. I find this solution a little bit "heavy". Can I create a
>> console for the standby without the switchover ?
>> 2/ How to manage the dataguard..
>> I'm using the OEM console for the primary. I have just configured the
>> brojer command line. It works fine. But can I have a GUI console to
>> manage the dataguard whithout install the grid console ?
>> thanks a lot for your help.
>> fabrice
> Please, read the fine manuals. Usenet is not a substitute for reading
> documentation. If you want more detailed answers, please subscribe to
> oracle-l. You can do so here:

Sorry, but I have read some documentations without find out a real answer. Above all for the point 1.
But For me, and in france, usenet is also to exchange and help. You can avoid to read my post if you don't want. If I can help someone, I do it. Never, I will say to him "go away and read book".

Have a nice day.
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