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Re: *pressure Google to put Groups back on main page...*

From: Michael Heiming <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 19:29:17 +0200
Message-ID: <>

In comp.os.linux.misc
> Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:

>> On 2006-08-17, wrote:
>> > Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:
>> >> On 2006-08-17, wrote:

>> [please don't top post]

> [ please dont bottom post]

See RFC1855 howto reply properly.


>> > Newsreaders are an archaic method - perhaps for retirees who have
>> > nothing better to do with their time but read every single message
>> > posted - lol.

>> You obviously know nothing about newsreaders.


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>> Does Google Groups have killfiles?

>> Does Google Groups refrain from showing you articles you have >> already read?

> lol I top post because that is the default for Google groups...

That doesn't make it an inch more the correct behavior.

> I used a newsreader in the 90s, used to chew up space, add an extra
> window, had to click on all these different groups to find stuff...
> aweful

You don't use a newsreader to search articles, though you can easily filter on thread with your own contributes and what ever you like. Can you do this with google? My nntp reader marks automatically threads with my own posts. No need to click on anything at all, it doesn't have a GUI interface. ;-)

> I hate to break it to you but using a newsreader is old fashioned.

LOL, you don't use a cordless screwdriver to get a nail into the wall. But use the right tool for the environment. Just as nntp reader were designed to work with nntp. You must be a windoze user?

> Let me ask you this.

> Can you type these two workds into your *newsreader*:

Can your interface to usenet do the following?


> and can you click on the suggested link and in 0.05 seconds get the 46
> articles across the entire usenet that reference java server faces
> command link component?

That's what a search engine is about, *not* some nntp client!

Google does a good job for searching purposes, but obviously is just a makeshift to write to usenet.

There are for sure quite a few reasons to use it, but to praise it as superior to any serious nntp client is just a joke. ;-)

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