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From: Ranko Mosic <>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 21:25:11 -0500
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Hi List,
Bit defeatist and off-topic, I admit, but I'd like to hear what's the opinion on future of our profession and which way to go. My experiences:
1995 - Oracle DBA collegaue says: it will all be automated - no DBA's needed ( no real threat, now we know)
1999 y2k, no work, Yourdon predicts y2k/programmer Armageddon; I work both as Oracle DBA and programmer, just to survive 2001/2 we know what happened; IT doesn't matter ( Carr ); that ended too 2007 I experienced firsthand offshoring to India ( works quite well )

What I read in trade press is that DBA's and geeks in general can't be just technical any more, we must get into business side. What does list think ? If we all must be more business savvy, what's the best way to get into it from where we are now ? Data modeling ? Suggestions, ideas, thoughts please.


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