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DB copying : Attack of the Clones!

From: Deshpande, Kirti <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:08:18 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I was 'volunteered' to participate in a task force charged with finding quick solutions (in less than 2 weeks) to support following Dgmt decision:  Clone 14 production databases in their entirety for ongoing code testing, recreating production problems etc.

 The cloned databases will have to be renamed, the db links re-established, the access privileges for a dozen or so accounts relaxed (password changed, access to stored procedures etc). The clones will be tampered with but will need to be kept in sync with production database on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The size of databases ranges from 50GB to over 150GB (and growing, of course).
 Are there any 'silver bullet' tools anyone heard of that can do this in a flash? Current method of cold backup is too time consuming and disruptive.

 All these databases are on HDS disk arrays. I have been playing with HDS' ShadowImage product for some other project. I have suggested using this product for solving this problem. But, I am not an authority on this product. My idea being, the 'split' disks (from sort-of 3rd mirror) will become the clones. When the clones need refreshing, those disks will be 're-silvered' and 'split' again. Other thing I may consider is the hot backup. But, I am sure it will be shot down as being too time consuming.  

 Is anyone currently doing anything like this? What tools are you using?

 BTW, if we decided on any 3rd party tools, then Dgmt wants it installed within the next 4-5 weeks. Any Vendor types lurking on the list? This is your chance :)


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