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Oracle Internet Developer Suite Articles

Key Value Pair Data Model

I have just joined an in flight project and find the lead data modeler has created a name value pair data model.

The reason given was flexibility of data model considering some records can have as many as 900 attributes. The .Net application team seem to be loving it, as they can code everything with very few tables in mind.

I feel the model is difficult to query, difficult to load and difficult to syndicate and in all likelyhood will suffer from poor performance.

How to make Dynamic List Item in Oracle Forms Builder?

In this article I will tell you how you can make a dynamic List of values in oracle forms builder, most developer use many techniques to make List of values.

Generate list of dates and times with set interval

Generic query generating a list of date time. You need to substitute required interval number.

SAS Display Manager Commands

In my view, Display Manager commands didn’t get much attention of SAS programmers as they should be. It may be because...

1) SAS Documentation has very little information about how to use this facility.
2) Even Google searches aren’t helpful enough.

Here are the list of Display Manager Commands I know…

Using Manager commands we can open the dataset from any directory without touching the Explorer window…

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SQL Statements for Improved Performance

Make Your SQL Statements Readable

Even though readability doesn't affect the actual performance of SQL statements, good programming practice calls for readable code. Readability is especially important if you have multiple conditions in the WHERE clause.

Passing parameters to SQL PLUS from Oracle Forms

I was working on a Application using oracle forms,where i need to call a sql script file with dynamic schema (dynamic owner), so i need to pass the owner from the oracle forms,
I came with the following procedure:



Embed Animated Flash Objects (*.swf file) in Oracle Forms.

Hello All,

To embed a Macromedia Flash Object (*.swf File) in Oracle Forms, follow the steps below.

1. Draw "ActiveX Control" Item on Canvas with the Name "OCXITM".
2. Select "ActiveX Control" Item & Go to its Properties (By Pressing F4).
3. Select "ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash" in "OLE Class" Property of "ActiveX Control" Item.
4. Come again to the Canvas.
5. Right Click on "ActiveX Control" Item, Select "Insert Object...".
6. In Control Type List, Select "Sockwave Flash Object" and Press "OK".

Creating Custom Aggregate Functions in C/ C++

The aim of this article is to describe the process of creating a user-defined aggregate function. Oracle 9i was used to prepare and test the function; some parts of the code may not work with Oracle versions older than 9i. This article gathers information that is needed to write the aggregate function in one place, and presents a clear step-by-step descripion of the process.

Get Started on XML

Saikat Goswami's picture

XML is everywhere. Whether you are an Oracle system administrator, a .NET developer, or a J2EE analyst, XML undoubtedly is something that you bump into. In this article, I attempted to give you the basics of what you need to know to jumpstart your understanding of XML.

Candidate keys: Choosing the right primary key

It is the business that has the knowledge about their entities (things of importance) and what kind of unique information that separate them (invoice numbers, customer IDs, and so on).

Your role as an analyst/designer is to validate such properties, and to fit them into a normalized database model that reflects the needs of the business.