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The following USENET News groups are available: - [ new messages ] [ archive ] - [ new messages ] [ archive ] - [ new messages ] [ archive ] - [ new messages ] [ archive ] - [ deprecated ] [ archive ]
comp.databases.theory - [ new messages ] [ archive ]

Please Note[edit]

New messages are added hourly. The archives provides a historic view of the above newsgroups (some goes as far back as 1996). However, these archives are by no means complete (although, more complete than Google News). If you can help with missing messages, we would definitely appreciate it.

The following groups are considered bogus and should not be used:,*, etc.

All USENET posts are provided AS-IS. The Oracle FAQ does not exercises editorial control over messages posted unless required by law. We do not necessarily agree or endorse any particular viewpoint posted to any newsgroup, mailing list or forum.