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Year to date: 306
2015 messages:

January(28) February(46) March(50) April(52)
May(36) June(39) July(72) August(82)
September(96) October(69) November(66) December(70)
Year to date: 706
2014 messages:

January(17) February(45) March(27) April(26)
May(41) June(87) July(69) August(96)
September(76) October(45) November(52) December(19)
Year to date: 600
2013 messages:

January(1) February(3) March(2) April(1)
May(4) June(2) July August(1)
September(3) October(3) November(1) December(1)
Year to date: 22
2012 messages:

January(5) February(22) March April(9)
May(1) June(3) July(5) August(1)
September(5) October(2) November(2) December(4)
Year to date: 59
2011 messages:

January(3) February(7) March(7) April(4)
May(6) June(6) July(6) August(1)
September(12) October(8) November December(5)
Year to date: 65
2010 messages:

January(19) February(1) March(6) April(5)
May(26) June(5) July(5) August(22)
September(33) October(26) November(13) December(6)
Year to date: 167
2009 messages:

January(45) February(30) March(65) April(17)
May(18) June(30) July(5) August(4)
September(17) October(12) November(12) December(13)
Year to date: 268
2008 messages:

January(53) February(43) March(23) April(60)
May(27) June(39) July(27) August(23)
September(31) October(64) November(10) December(41)
Year to date: 441
2007 messages:

January(103) February(60) March(74) April(66)
May(137) June(145) July(104) August(102)
September(111) October(107) November(124) December(86)
Year to date: 1219
2006 messages:

January(211) February(218) March(216) April(180)
May(168) June(153) July(202) August(173)
September(139) October(138) November(126) December(133)
Year to date: 2057
2005 messages:

January(268) February(272) March(239) April(186)
May(274) June(242) July(164) August(185)
September(183) October(154) November(147) December(195)
Year to date: 2509
2004 messages:

January(448) February(334) March(359) April(279)
May(288) June(393) July(338) August(215)
September(265) October(232) November(353) December(208)
Year to date: 3712
2003 messages:

January(672) February(755) March(657) April(605)
May(530) June(497) July(461) August(394)
September(279) October(332) November(453) December(306)
Year to date: 5941
2002 messages:

January(804) February(723) March(712) April(672)
May(533) June(509) July(621) August(548)
September(245) October(594) November(559) December(450)
Year to date: 6970
2001 messages:

January(1045) February(731) March(800) April(726)
May(602) June(360) July(1260) August(710)
September(586) October(723) November(687) December(597)
Year to date: 8827
2000 messages:

January(1557) February(1556) March(1576) April(1289)
May(1095) June(1158) July(1118) August(1100)
September(870) October(1004) November(961) December(845)
Year to date: 14129
1999 messages:

January(1081) February(882) March(1033) April(1261)
May(1520) June(1771) July(1819) August(1750)
September(1634) October(1559) November(1646) December(1412)
Year to date: 17368
1998 messages:

January(1044) February(1152) March(1266) April(1106)
May(1285) June(1225) July(1135) August(1294)
September(1416) October(1372) November(1189) December(1301)
Year to date: 14785
1997 messages:

January(838) February(857) March(989) April(986)
May(1028) June(988) July(890) August(828)
September(1022) October(1154) November(952) December(960)
Year to date: 11492
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Year to date: 1300
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