How to make Dynamic List Item in Oracle Forms Builder?

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Hi, I am a novice in oracle forms.

I've tried to make a list of values using this code in new-form-instance trigger, but couldn't do it.
Kindly explain if the item 'doc_type' is a text item or a poplist.
Please explain a little bit more about the procedure.

Dear Rahul,

It is very easy dear,
1st take one item field set property of this item filed to "List Item" then use this code same in "new-form-instance" I hope it will work, if you fell any problem then tell me I will explain you in detail, also send you a sample form. Thanks.

I have tried the method you just specified, but I got an error related to element in list item saying that:

'No elements defined for the list item'

Kindly help me.

Hi zahid9999,

Is it possible to select multiple values in a list item?