Re: native xml processing vs what Postgres and Oracle offer

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 16:56:17 -0500
Message-ID: <6_DYk.1289$>

"Bob Badour" <> wrote in message news:4918b052$0$20972$
> whileone wrote:
>> On Nov 10, 1:20 pm, paul c <> wrote:
>>>Forums are *not* inherently hierarchical. You can choose to present
>>>them that way, but it's not necessary and possibly misleading.
>> Oy yoy yoy.
>> This thread started off by me (with a different reader, different
>> login name)
>> saying "I have a files-based forum that I WROTE that I want to convert
>> to a more database like system."
>> Well, MY FORUM is hierarchical. I want to preserve that.
> Ordinarily, when one re-writes something from scratch, one tries to
> correct the fundamental design flaws from the first version. If you want
> to go to extra effort to perpetuate your design flaws, nobody will stop
> you.
> What I don't understand is why you would want to publicise the fact or
> talk about it in public.

You're a moron. Structure that is inherent to that which is being modeled can be reflected in a design but cannot be a design flaw because it isn't introduced or imposed by a designer. Received on Sun Nov 30 2008 - 22:56:17 CET

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