Re: native xml processing vs what Postgres and Oracle offer

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 16:45:45 -0500
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> rpost wrote:

>> paul c wrote:
>>> wrote:
>> [...]
>>>> Actually, usenet is often displayed as being hierarchical, for
>>>> instance with so called "threaded" newsreaders, because within a list
>>>> of discussions, replies to replies are often more comprehensible when
>>>> you can follow the subthreads.
>>>> ...
>>> Nobody said there's anything wrong with hierarchical displays (or
>>> hierarchical physical storage for that matter).
>> [...]
>>> As the general level of literacy continues to decline more and more of
>>> those who fail to recognize the possibility of a logical model will have
>>> to put up with that dwindling breed.
>> You're evading the question.
>> ...
> What question would that be?  (The original question was to do with the 
> best product to use to display hierarchical data.  The OP planned to 
> invent his own forum, presumably not Usenet-based.  I pointed out that he 
> was wrong to assume a forum is hierarchical.)

Pardon me for sticking my nose in, Paul, but you are ignoring facts as plain as day: The content of a forum is a directed graph without any circuits--that is, a collection of trees--each message being a node and each response being a directed edge. How can you possibly argue that it is not heirarchical? Received on Sun Nov 30 2008 - 22:45:45 CET

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