Re: Career questions: databases

From: dreamznatcher <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 02:08:45 -0700
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On Jul 4, 6:51 am, "Neil" <> wrote:

> So you clearly were stating that there's a difference between white people
> and people of other color -- that it's not just a question of corrupt men
> performing corrupt acts because they're able to, but there's a distinction
> between white people and other people -- or at least that you couldn't deny
> that's what you were saying.

Maybe I'm entitled to a few typos and astray statements too Neil. Don't forget we put up with your sense of "humor".

> > End note(s): a. I can't help it if you intend to jump to conclusions
> > without even bothering to comprehend what I actually wrote.

Alas. Why do I even write that anymore? Please see my previous posts. They even contain an apology and directions.

> > b. It's not nice to project anyone's native civilization or race in an
> > inferior fashion, nor is it proper.

Are you sure that doesn't ring a bell? Received on Wed Jul 04 2007 - 11:08:45 CEST

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