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From: Neil <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 11:09:41 -0500
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"dreamznatcher" <> wrote in message
> On Jul 4, 6:51 am, "Neil" <> wrote:
>> So you clearly were stating that there's a difference between white
>> people
>> and people of other color -- that it's not just a question of corrupt men
>> performing corrupt acts because they're able to, but there's a
>> distinction
>> between white people and other people -- or at least that you couldn't
>> deny
>> that's what you were saying.
> Maybe I'm entitled to a few typos and astray statements too Neil.
> Don't forget we put up with your sense of "humor".

Well, if you're now retracting what you wrote, and are saying that you were wrong before, then go ahead and do so. I won't begrudge you a correction. But, based on what you wrote, you were making an underlying distinction between white people and other people, which is racist. If you now agree that corruption is a consequence of power and opportunity rather than genetics, then feel free to say so.

>> > End note(s): a. I can't help it if you intend to jump to conclusions
>> > without even bothering to comprehend what I actually wrote.

That's a bit condenscending, don't you think? What makes you think I haven't "bothered to comprehend" what you wrote? Because I didn't agree with you? Because I saw something in your writings that you may not have been aware of yourself? Why don't you accept the fact that perhaps your writings reflect who you are, but not necessarily who you'd like to think you are.

> Alas. Why do I even write that anymore? Please see my previous posts.
> They even contain an apology and directions.

An apology? Meaning, "I'm sorry if I offended anyone"? OK, that's nice. But it's not an apology in the sense of accepting culpability for what you said, or even acknowledging anything wrong in what you said.

And as for directions (to go to the nearest library or to search Google), that's EXTREMELY condescending. No wonder you can't see anything wrong in what you wrote. Anyone who feels as superior as you obviously do has no room for correction in their point of view.

>> > b. It's not nice to project anyone's native civilization or race in an
>> > inferior fashion, nor is it proper.
> Are you sure that doesn't ring a bell?

Not with me, anyway. Are you referring to my tongue-in-cheek comments about the Brits and their language? That's called "humor" (or, at least, "an attempt at humor"). What makes humor funny most of the time is irony. That I would criticize the established and venerable English dialect, bash Shakespeare in the process, and then say that my dialect was superior, all the while using bad grammar to make my point, I think is hilarious! But no one got my joke. Still, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Brits and their dialect, which is why I made the joke in the first place.

Are you saying that you have nothing but the utmost respect for white people, and that your comments were intended as satirical humor? If so, then you got me!

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