Re: Bob's 'Self-aggrandizing ignorant' Count: Was: What databases have taught me

From: Dan <>
Date: 25 Jun 2006 17:51:29 -0700
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Andrew McDonagh wrote:
> Dan wrote:
> > Andrew McDonagh wrote:
> >> Bob Badour wrote:
> >>> H. S. Lahman wrote:
> >>>> Responding to Badour...
> > <snip>
> >
> >> I'm losing count now, but I think you have said that around 15 times in
> >> this thread alone...
> >>
> >> After all, 'paradigm' has many meanings where for each meaning
> >>> a better word exists.
> >>>
> >> Snipped Bob's usual standard of contribution....
> >
> > So Andrew, do you have any interesting comments or opinions concerning
> > the other content of the post, other than counting words?
> >
> > Where do you think Bob was wrong, or right?
> >


> Oh God, Dan, I like others, gave up trying to find wisdom, knowledge or
> anything of use within Bob's post, long ago.

> Its just too tiring, they are hidden so well within his insults.
While I certainly agree that colorful use of the language can either be 1) a turn-off or 2) entertaining, but distracting, I am trying to learn new things and reconcile different perspectives, all of which might be valid, but within different contexts.

Now on the usenet, anybody can assert anything or claim themselves an expert. So, it has been useful for me to synthesize and isolate 1) logical argument form aside from the use of language which can be fettered for a variety of reasons, aside from just insults; and 2) reconcile assertions of fact within that argument form.

So I'm more of a substance guy than one that gives credence to appearance and politically correct use of rhetoric. When I read your post, I read 'no substance', but when I read Bob's post, I read 'insulting, ascerbic, but full of substance and validity in the absence of counterexamples'.

> So, given that I nor others can't convince Bob to change his posting
> style so that we may bask in his magnificence, I decided to read Bob's
> posts from a different angle.

> Mainly one of 'let's see how many times per thread can Bob can repeat
> his favourite insult: Self-aggrandising idiot'
Ok. But that doesn't do much for me, the guy trying to glean insight from your expertise.

> Got to say - it makes reading his posts SSSsoooooo much more fun and
> less tiring.


> > Thanks,
> My Pleasure Dan
> >
> > Dan
> Andrew

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