Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 15 Jun 2006 12:31:11 -0700
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Gene Wirchenko wrote:
> On 15 Jun 2006 10:19:49 -0700, "Cimode" <> wrote:
> >Yes it is different. Totally different, because it demonstrates a
> >totally different motivation on your part.
> I hear an axe grinding.
I don't know what is *axe grinding*...

> >Your intention is clearly to dismiss BB's responsability into provoking
> >guilt with Rich Ryan. Instead, you favor of saying Rich Ryan is not
> >the one living to his own's standard and add more guilt...
> No, it is to recognise the OP's responsibility. Whether Mr.
> Badour *also* has responsibility is another issue.
Do not try separating what can not be separated. Ignoring the bilateral aspect of communication is just delluding yourself...
If you are infatuated with BB to the point you ignore the facts that he provokes people more than he brings relevant argumentation ..that's your problem not mine...

> >You give it a smooth look-and-feel wax but when you look at the facts
> >and only facts it quickly appears all you have said is pure crapola...
> >
> >Besides, if you believe that what I said is not different from what you
> >said then you should agree to it...and stop the BS. The victim here is
> >not BB it's Rich Ryan...
> Or there is no victim.
Yeah and bird fly and fish swim...
Again some more crappola bar philosophy...

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> Sincerely,
> Gene Wirchenko
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