Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 15 Jun 2006 10:19:49 -0700
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Yes it is different. Totally different, because it demonstrates a totally different motivation on your part.

Your intention is clearly to dismiss BB's responsability into provoking guilt with Rich Ryan. Instead, you favor of saying Rich Ryan is not the one living to his own's standard and add more guilt...

You give it a smooth look-and-feel wax but when you look at the facts and only facts it quickly appears all you have said is pure crapola...

Besides, if you believe that what I said is not different from what you said then you should agree to it...and stop the BS. The victim here is not BB it's Rich Ryan...

When you use
Roy Hann wrote:
> "Cimode" <> wrote in message
> > BS...No need to look for a complex patronizing interpretation of
> > apologies...
> >
> > He's simply apologizing because he had an epidermic response toward BB
> > way of handling people and has bad conscience about that.
> Is that so very different from what I said? Different enough to dismiss
> what I said as BS?
> Roy
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