Re: Possible bridges between OO programming proponents and relational model

From: x <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 12:04:04 +0300
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"J M Davitt" <> wrote in message news:H6Ggg.54099$

> As for "OO in-memory mechanisms," I think that such storage schemes
> should be described a one-dimensional, don't you?. After all, each
> instance is allocated a bunch of bits from a linear address space.
> Just because it's apparently a simple matter to pass an address
> around doesn't mean that the content of all addresses are easily
> accessed. MIPS chips and Intel chips have very different techniques
> for managing large memory fields. But that fact doesn't have anything
> to do with OO concepts, does it? Well, neither does the choice of
> storage technique have anything to do with relational concepts or SQL.

I remember that the organization of the video memory of sinclair spectrum home computers was very interesting and very linear. :-) Received on Tue Jun 06 2006 - 11:04:04 CEST

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