Re: Things That Might Be More Fun Than This Thread

From: Andrew McDonagh <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 10:21:34 +0100
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Marshall wrote:
> Things that might be more fun than this thread:
> 1) Pie. Pecan pie is really good, and also chocolate pie. However,
> when they put chocolate in pecan pie, it's not that good. Be warned!
> 2) The new XBox 360 is out. A friend has one and it's really
> impressive,
> especially on an HDTV. Myself, I only have an XBox 180; I really
> like the Burnout series, and Star Wars Battlefront.
> 3) Movies. Unfortunately, the summer movie season wasn't very good.
> All during "X-Men III," I was rooting for Magneto. The entirety of
> "The Da Vinci Code" can be summed up by this one line Tom Hanks
> utters 2/3 of the way through the movie: "We've got to get to a
> library right away." There, just I saved you $9.
> Instead of current movies, you might consider renting
> some classics. If you're not familiar with the films of
> Humphrey Bogart, you're really missing something. Go rent
> "The Big Sleep"; it's wonderful. It doesn't matter that you
> can't figure out what's happening. Follow it up with
> "The Maltese Falcon." You won't be able to figure out
> that one either, but you won't care.
> 4) Google Image Search for Scarlett Johanson.
> You'll be glad you did.
> Marshall

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