Re: Database or store to handle 30 Mb/sec and 40,000 inserts/sec

From: Luke Webber <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 21:07:40 GMT
Message-ID: <43efa8a8$>

Frank van Bortel wrote:

> Don't top post - can I suggest you use a decent news reader?
> As you see, your ugly format/utility cuts off the rest of the thread.

You're a touchy bastard, aren't you? I have no problem with top posting. I'd far rather read a top post than a single-line reply quoting a week of context.

> Point is: a decent Linux will deliver better throughput on the *same*
> hardware. Changed 'twice the' into 'better'. Can't substantiate twice,
> can better.
> And personally, I'd love to see you stop promoting non-oracle stuff
> here. It's annoying; most people here hate Microsoft anyway.
> Just a little further, and you're spamming.

Check the headers and apologise to Tony. This is cross-posted to three groups other than your Oracle hangout.

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