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From: Dale Benedict <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:56:30 GMT
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> > I'm back for some education and I hope that you or others may help.
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> > I have searched on the web regarding Oracle's clustering as it pertains
> > data records, and only found a few things that confused me. (that aint
> too
> > hard ;^) )
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> > Does the clustering actual put header and detail information into the
> > physical record on disk
> Yes. From Tom Kyte's _expert one-on-one Oracle_: "Clustered tables give
> you the ability to physically 'pre-join' data together. You use clusters
> store related data from many tables on the same database block. Clusters
> can help read intensive operations that always join data together or
> related sets of data."
> A database block is one or a few disk sectors (i.e. the unit of a physical
> disk read operation), whatever is most efficient for the hardware/OS
> combination.
Thanks for the update :7)

Having a better name for the technology helps in doing the research.

I might get back to you with some more questions.

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