Re: Codd article really that hard to get?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:17:31 -0500
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"Amund Trovåg"
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> >>Jerry Gitomer wrote:
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> >>>Amund Trovåg wrote:
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> >>>>Hi.
> >>>>
> >>>>I am a student looking for Codd's '72 article Relational Completeness
> >>>>in Data Base Sublanguages. My university library says that they are
> >>>>unable to order it from anywhere in the world(!)...umm there's got to
> >>>>be a mistake here. Isn't this article supposed to be read by the
> >>>>entire DB community? Where is it :)
> >>>>
> >>>>Any ideas appreciated.
> >>>>
> >>>>AT
> >>>
> >>>Learn to use Google and you will come to the following:
> >>>
> >>>[Codd1972b]
> >>> Codd, E.F. Relational Completeness of Data Base Sublanguages in
> >>>Data Base Systems. pp. 65-98 in Rustin, Randall J.(ed.). Data Base
> >>>Systems. Courant Computer Symposia Series, vol. 6. Prentice-Hall
> >>>(Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1972).
> >>
> >>Yes, yes. It has also been republished (that's why I got confused). But
> >>as you can see, I have already posted a sorry for posting post, 6 hours
> >>before your patronizing little note. I made the same conclusions as you
> >>did with your madskillz using google 6 hours ago. Do you then think I
> >>need this info? No? Then what is natural to do? Yes. Yes, exactly.
> >
> > Armund,
> >
> > It frequently takes hours or even days before a usenet post becomes
> > to all readers.
> This I didn't know.

I strongly suspected that contributed to the misunderstanding.

> >It makes little sense to get pissed off at someone for
> > answering your question and for suggesting an alternate technique to get
> > more timely answers.
> Depends on the formulations, now doesn't it?

No, it doesn't. If you ask for help, graciously and gratefully accept whatever help you receive. Otherwise, you may someday really need somebody's help who thinks "Why on earth would I ever help that ingrate?"

If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Chris Date's keynote speeches, I suggest you loiter afterward and eavesdrop on the conversations audience members have with Chris. You will find Chris models grace extremely well.

> > If you do not want patronizing little notes, make sure you rtfm and
> > before asking for anyone else's help.
> Well, I did, found the correct reference, but made a mistake when
> showing it to my local library. Hence the "nevermind-post".
> Oh, and you do a great job in patronizing as well, but I have read the
> kind of posts you have made before, so I wont make a big thing out of it.

First rule: Don't sweat the small stuff. Second rule: It's all small stuff.

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