Re: Need Comparisons of Oracle 7 and Sybase 10

From: Paul Singer <>
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 1994 14:55:30
Message-ID: <>

In article <36ul6o$> (Richard D Holowczak) writes:

> (David I. Laudicina) writes:

>>for that matter running on a Netware OS. The real comparison
>>should be made on SMP UNIX and NT boxes.
>>Thx Dave L

> Interesting point. So for anyone who wants to use Oracle
> in this way, they MUST go out and buy a high end SUN or
> equivalent ? I don't think so. Try telling this to
> the small or mid sized company that wants the power,
> security and robustness of an Oracle or Sybase database
> but does not have the resources to administer another
> box running UNIX or NT.

> There are tons of shops out there running Oracle on Netware.
> The recent crap about Oracle on Netware being more
> unstable than its UNIX counterparts is just that, crap.

>Rich Holowczak
>Rutgers University

With all due respect. Oracle or Sybase running hosted under Netware is not as stable a product as the same running under UNIX. Not to say the greate strides have not been made with these products. They are certinaly worth consider for small systems (under 200 users lightly loaded, under 50 user heavaly loaded). But, they lack the availibility of the more complete montering envirnments and stability of UNIX.

However, much of this is changing. Netware 4.X will provide greater stability and crash protection. The other interesting feature is of the Netware version of Oracle is its performance. Oracle under Netware out performs all other implmentations on comparable Uniprocessor/Operationg system combinations. Including Unix, NT & OS/2. I belive that a Pentium base Netware implmentation will even outperform a low end Spark implmentation. Received on Sat Oct 01 1994 - 14:55:30 CET

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