Re: Need Comparisons of Oracle 7 and Sybase 10

From: Sandor Nieuwenhuijs <>
Date: 21 Oct 1994 13:46:21 GMT
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george anderson ( wrote:

: In article <37piin$> (Sandor Nieuwenhuijs) writes:

: >Well you can argue about this forever, but the test has been conducted
: >(for the last three years or so) by some very knowledgable people from Ziff
: >Davis. All vendors (except Informix I remember from the article) did have
: >an expert on site to tune the system and make sure everything was running
: >allright.

: Oooh Boy Sandor, I'm impressed...

So what's your problem? I don't get the point you are making. You mentioned in your original posting:

  1. The test was done with the old SQL Server 4.x
  2. You think PC Mag people don't know anything about databases

When reading the article you can see that a) is untrue, it is SQL Server 10.

I personally think the Ziff-Davis people are generally very knowledgeable. They describe exactly how the test was conducted, and that experts from the individual vendors were on site and involved. Do you question the expertise of these people?

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