Re: Gupta vs. Powerbuilder or VB

From: Jeff Kyser <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 08:03:02 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Eric Keen) writes:

> Powerbuilder had some serious shortcomings in the development environment:
>1) lack of an edit/undo on form/object tools. I can't tell you the number
> if times I've accidently deleted or moved an object and was SOL.

I agree 100%. Also cut, copy, and paste are missing from many areas.

>3) It's not easy to open multiple connections, and multiple databases
> are impossible.

We use multiple connections and databases frequently in PowerBuilder with no problems.

>4) The product applies system modals everytime you hit the databases -
> does anyone know a way around this? I've seen PB apps hang Windows
> for 30 minutes just to validate (or present) a 300 table list!

We haven't seen any major problems with data access, as long as the queries are optimized. Setting 'retrieve as needed' on the datawindows helps, as does using stored procedures on the server. 30 minute delays sound like a design problem.

>Don't get me wrong here, PB is in a different class than Gupta when
>it comes to some of the database design and integration tools; but all
>this has a price. Gupta doesn't ask you to store custom database objects
>(it's own mini catalog) - PB says put this stuff in the SYSTEM tablespace!

I'm not sure what you mean by SYSTEM tablespace ... PowerBuilder extended attributes are stored in user tables on the database server, not in the SQL Server system tables.

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