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From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 21:49:59 +0200
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carolm wrote:
> The requirements for a new Forms app I'm working on are as follows:
> 1) user interface for querying should display one row of data (for
> entering in specs) along with lookups for foreign key values
> 2) user interface for editing data should display multiple rows of
> data but not the foreign key lookups (only the data that's actually in
> the
> table)
> This is of course simplified from the real requirements, but the gist
> is that I need 2 separate displays, where the first allows query
> entry,
> and when that query is executed, the view switches to the second
> display for the results.
> I know (or am pretty sure, at least) that I need separate blocks and
> canvases to accomplish this, but I'm having no luck getting the
> results to display in the 2nd block/canvas. Another thought
> (not yet attempted) is to set up the blocks as master (query)/detail
> (results),
> allowing masterless operations.
> I know this isn't a trivial issue, but if anyone has pointers/
> suggestions,
> that would be great. I can get into more specifics about what I've
> tried,
> and the results, but that seems overkill at this point.
> Thanks,
> Carol
What you describe would quite commonly be implemented as master/detail form.

One observation (nothing personal!): judging the level of knowledge on forms, I'd suggest not to use forms for a new project, but look at Java instead (ADF/ Faces, whatever).
The major enabler of new Forms projects is the already established level of expertise on Forms.

Frank van Bortel

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