Re: Contour Components Releases SpamMaker 2.0.3

From: Vladimir Nekrasov <>
Date: 7 Feb 2005 09:31:42 -0800
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] DA Morgan <> wrote in message news:<1107543396.100563_at_yasure>...
> Vladimir Nekrasov wrote:
> > February 03, 2005
> >
> > Dear news readers,
> Dear Spammer
> Did you read this group's charter before posting?

[Quoted] Of course, and found this group suitable for posting. Our aim is just to let people know about our products, without senseless spamming, [Quoted] posting only where it may be potentially interesting. Please accept my excuses if my message seemed off the topic for you, but I'd never posted it here if a lot of Oracle people weren't already using our software.

Very best wishes,

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