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From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 17:25:09 +0100
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> Frank van Bortel wrote:

>> wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I need to convert a SQL Server running on Windows 2000 to Oracle
>>>running on HP-UX.
>>>Will the migration utility do this, even though they are on

> different
>>>platforms?   What am I supposed to do?  Install the migration

> utility
>>>on both platforms?
>>Install a network...
>>Connect your Workstation to the network, and both servers.
>>Make sure you can connect to both servers, using the
>>appropriate network stacks (this may require installation
>>of things like an 'Oracle Client' on your Workstation)
>>Install the Oracle Migration Workbench on your Workstation,
>>as well as the Microsoft SQL Server plugin for the Migration
>>Oracle is platform independent, so the OMWB really doesn't
>>care about Windows or HP-UX, nor does your Client.
>>In fact, your Workstation may be running Fedora Core 3,
>>as far as the client is concerned. The OMWB is for MS Windows
>>only, I believe.
>>Frank van Bortel

> Well, I was pretty sure that both machines would need to be connected
> to the network. What I am curious about is how the migration utility
> will take the SQL SERVER database on Windows and transfer it, or put it
> onto the HP-UX box. I mean, they are totally different operating
> systems. I'm sure that the migration utility does not care, but during
> the migration, does it not need an Oracle database and an Oracle Home
> so it knows where to put all the new datafiles and such???
> Or, do I need to install Oracle on the Windows box, migrate the
> database, then transfer it to an Oracle install on the HP-UX box?
> Thanks,
> Arthur

Ah - wrong exit.
OMWB will migrate data (and procedures) not complete databases!
You will have to build (create) a database on HPUX; the result of the migration from OMWB will be a set of scripts, with which you can:

* create objects, oracle wise (tables, views, sequences, triggers...)
* extract data from SQL Server
* insert extracted data into Oracle
Frank van Bortel
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