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From: Paul <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 12:02:48 +0100
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> > Maybe there's a case to have a new group (thirdpartytools) with a
> > charter explicitly stating that it's the *_only_* group for 3rd party
> > tools and that it is explicitly forbidden to post anywhere other than in
> > 3rdparty.

> And a place to announce user group meetings
> And a place to post seminar announcements
> And a place to post requests for Beta testers
> And a place to post ....

[Quoted] Fine. Anything remotely to do with thirdparty.  

> We have it already ... what no one has yet had the courage to step
> up to the plate and answer is ... what is the harm in posting to
> c.d.o.marketplace.

[Quoted] I would say absolutely none. The only thing I would say about marketplace is that when I first started lurking around here, I thought that marketplace was a misnamed jobs board. It's all jobs and I couldn't even see any tools or other stuff (except the usual crossposted rubbish).  

> You spammers (not you personally perhaps Paul)

[Quoted] I resent this remark. I am absolutely *_NOT_* a spammer, nor am I trying to in any way whatsoever justify the actions of spammers. I made my suggestion about renaming 'marketplace' to 'jobs' and creating a new group 'thirdparty' (and explictly making the 3rdparty group the *_only_* forum for 3rdparty stuff) so that it would be easier for people to understand the hierarchy and where they should post.

You will always get morons (aka spammers) who disregard the rules. I was not posting to criticise the stance you take, but merely offering my humble opinion that you might be wasting too much of your (and I said valuable) time acting as an erstwhile king Canute on behalf of the group. I have 10 posts from you in this thread, I would guess that you have used up at least 15 minutes following it and responding to the cretin "nospam" who has absolutely no intention of following anybody's rules but his own.

> seem to feel that
> posting to the designated group is an imposition. Why? Give us one
> good answer as to why this is a burden?

I never post (except in error, and this rarely - with apologies and a repost in the correct group) to any group other than the designated one and therefore do not feel obligated to provide an answer to your erroneous assumption that I "feel" any such "imposition". I would appreciate a retraction.


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