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From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 14:48:32 -0700
Message-ID: <1086472123.330677_at_yasure>

Paul wrote:

>>And a place to announce user group meetings
>>And a place to post seminar announcements
>>And a place to post requests for Beta testers
>>And a place to post ....

> Fine. Anything remotely to do with thirdparty.

My point was that we have a place for all of these things. We don't need to create a proliferation of usetnet groups to cater to the small number of posters/spammers that can't abide by very simple rules.

>>We have it already ... what no one has yet had the courage to step
>>up to the plate and answer is ... what is the harm in posting to

> I would say absolutely none. The only thing I would say about
> marketplace is that when I first started lurking around here, I thought
> that marketplace was a misnamed jobs board. It's all jobs and I couldn't
> even see any tools or other stuff (except the usual crossposted
> rubbish).

To which one might suggest that you could have read the charter.

>>You spammers (not you personally perhaps Paul)

> I resent this remark. I am absolutely *_NOT_* a spammer,

How can you resent a remark after I specifically said "not you personally"? Those words were written for a reason.

Daniel Morgan
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