Re: Sql*loader record-size problem

From: Marc Mazerolle <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 17:14:01 GMT
Message-ID: <>


This is my control file :
load data characterset us7ascii
infile "whatever.dat" "fix 26"
into table dulf_data
car_number smallint  ,
location_id char(7),
event_level_rev position(10) byteint "ROUND(:EVENT_LEVEL_REV/16)",
event_level_code position(10) byteint "MOD(:EVENT_LEVEL_REV,16)",
diagnostic_code smallint,
first_set integer "to_date('1970-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD')+(:FIRST_SET/60/60/24)",
last_set  integer "to_date('1970-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD')+(:LAST_SET/60/60/24)",
last_reset integer
counter smallint

Note the "fix 26" in my infile parameter.... my file is 26 bytes long [Quoted] with no NL. I have not found any documentation on this feature but it works perfectly.


Marc Mazerolle
InforMaze Inc.

Alen Selimbegovic wrote:

I'm loading data from file which have fixed-length
records, but no record delimiters (newline  characters).
Does anyone knows is there solution within SQL*loader?
I've searched whole documentation, but nothing helps.
There isn't parameter in which we could specify number of bytes
in a single record (we could write small program for inserting NL
chars, but it is strange for such import utility not to have this simple

We are using AIX 4.3 based Oracle 7.3.4. server, and Win95 Pc
client side.

Alen Selimbegovic
PBZ American Express

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