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From: B.Sc Yassir Khogaly <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:23:46 -0000
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[Quoted] This is from Oracle Corporation Oracle7 Administrator's Reference for UNIX / Administering SQL*Plus. This will give you an idea.


Setup Files
The setup files for SQL*Plus are glogin.sql, the global setup file, and login.sql, for local and individual use. The glogin.sql and login.sql files contain either SQL statements or SQL*Plus commands that you choose to execute at the beginning of each SQL*Plus session. When you invoke SQL*Plus, glogin.sql is read first, followed by login.sql.

The glogin.sql File
The glogin.sql file is executed regardless of your current directory. The DBA can customize the glogin.sql file. When you install (rather than upgrade) SQL*Plus, existing glogin.sql files are deleted. The glogin.sql file is in $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin.

The login.sql File
The SQLPATH environment variable contains a list of directories, separated by colons. SQL*Plus searches for the login.sql file in the directories listed in SQLPATH.
Following is a sample login.sql file:

set echo off
set feedback 4
set pause on
set pause "PLEASE PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE" set message on
set echo on wrote in message <71pbkm$8ab$>...
>I have the file login.sql in a directory that is not my homedir but it DOES
>take effect.
>how can this be? is there an environment variable defining where login.sql
>be found?
>I ma using Oracle 7.* and 8.* on HP-UX Unix Computers.
>Please also mail responses to mailto:\\ as it is hard for
>to connect to the net (firewalls and other stuff.)
>ThanX, in advance for any input.
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