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From: B.Sc Yassir Khogaly <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:36:04 -0000
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More info about login.sql that you may need.!

Using a System Editor from SQL*Plus
An ed or edit command entered at the SQL*Plus prompt calls a default operating system editor, such as ed, emacs, ned, or vi. Your PATH variable must include the directory of the editor. The global default editor is usually set by the DBA in glogin.sql using the SQL*Plus _editor option. Override this setting by specifying an editor in login.sql. Both files are read by SQL*Plus at startup, the local file taking precedence. The _editor option can also be set during a SQL*Plus session, overriding the setting in either file.

If the _editor option is not set, the EDITOR and VISUAL environment variables specify the SQL*Plus editor. These variables are not set in glogin.sql or login.sql. They are set in a user startup file, or at the system prompt. If both are set, the EDITOR variable is used.

Setting the Order of the Editor
SQL*Plus searches for the default editor in the following order:

  1. The _editor option during a SQL*Plus session.
  2. The _editor option in login.sql.
  3. The _editor option in glogin.sql.
  4. The EDITOR variable in your startup file or at the system prompt.
  5. The VISUAL variable in your startup file or at the system prompt. If none of these values are set, SQL*Plus uses ed.

Setting the _editor option
Set the SQL*Plus _editor option by adding the following line to the login.sql file:

define _editor=editor_name
where editor_name is a UNIX editor.

Setting Environment Variables
Set the default editor with an environment variable by entering: For the Bourne or Korn shell:

$ UNIX_VAR=editor_name; export UNIX_VAR
For the C shell:

% setenv UNIX_VAR editor_name

UNIX_VAR is the EDITOR or VISUAL environment variable


is the UNIX editor

Default Settings
If you call the system editor, the current SQL buffer is placed in the edit buffer and all statements available to the editor can change the SQL statement. SQL*Plus uses the afiedt.buf. temporary file. When you exit the editor, the changed SQL buffer is returned to SQL*Plus. wrote in message <71pbkm$8ab$>...
>I have the file login.sql in a directory that is not my homedir but it DOES
>take effect.
>how can this be? is there an environment variable defining where login.sql
>be found?
>I ma using Oracle 7.* and 8.* on HP-UX Unix Computers.
>Please also mail responses to mailto:\\ as it is hard for
>to connect to the net (firewalls and other stuff.)
>ThanX, in advance for any input.
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