Re: Is anyone out there running Oracle 7.3 on OpenVMS?

From: Steve <>
Date: 1997/05/21
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[Quoted] Does anyone know of an email list for this (other than comp*db stuff)?

"Brian M. Biggs" <> wrote:

>Shawn Ramsey <> wrote in article
>> Is anyone out there running Oracle 7.3 on OpenVMS 7.x?
>We are running Oracle on OpenVMS 7.1. This is a new installation,
>and we have not upgraded from any previous version.
>> I need to know if we are the only ones on this planet dumb enough to
>> even try to attempt this at home--build a data warehouse on OpenVMS.
>> Oracle cannot tell us how many people are running this combination of of
>> Database/OS.
>We're not running a data warehouse, but we are doing development under
>OpenVMS 7.1 against Oracle
>We have run into a few problems so far. We're trying to use shared images
>and are having problems. We are calling an executable shared image, which
>performs a connect to the database, from a main program. It executes OK,
>but when it returns from the shared image, the connect information that
>gets set up by the shared image is lost. We are unable to query the
>database (fails with 1012 error) from the main program. This happens with
>both Oracle's sample Pro*C program, and our own Pro*COBOL programs.
>As others have mentioned, we are also experiencing long delays with SQL*Net
>V2. It never does start successfully for us. When it does its first
>'Connecting to (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=IPC)(KEY=ORCL))' it just sits there
>forever. If I CTRL-C, everything seems OK (I can connect via SQL*Net,
>etc.) but that's a lousy solution. I haven't gotten any word back from
>Oracle yet. Others in the newsgroup said that 7.3 SQL*Net is slower, but
>it should at least come back to me eventually at startup!
>> Please, help me. I would like to build up a network of individuals, so
>> we can support each other with infomation obut each of our problems.
>I would be interested in this also.
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