Re: Is anyone out there running Oracle 7.3 on OpenVMS?

From: Carol Roy <>
Date: 1997/05/01
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> Shawn Ramsey wrote:

> >
> > Is anyone out there running Oracle 7.3 on OpenVMS 7.x?
> >
> > I need to know if we are the only ones on this planet dumb enough to
> > even try to attempt this at home--build a data warehouse on OpenVMS.
> > Oracle cannot tell us how many people are running this combination of
> > Database/OS.
> >
> > Please, help me. I would like to build up a network of individuals, so
> > we can support each other with infomation obut each of our problems.
> >

We will be running vms7.1 and Oracle 7.3 on an Alpha. We are planning to cluster
the Alpha with our 2 vax 4600's. The vaxes are running vms 6.2 and Oracle 7.1....
Will be up and going hopefully by mid summer. Will be happy to share any problems, experience, etc.

Carol Roy 757-393-8358 or 393-8871

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