Is anyone still using Transparent Gateway for RMS (tg4RMS) ?

From: Syltrem <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 09:35:08 -0500
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We're trying to move an application to Windows (from VMS) but it is currently accessing a few RMS files (native indexed filesystem on VMS). While finializing the conversion (lots of programming to do) which may take a few more months, we'd like to do the port and maintain accessibility of the RMS files by using the Transaparent Gateway for RMS

I set it up using the guide, but something must be missing in the config as I get errors when trying to register a file definition :

SQL> exec dbms_tg4rms.addl_to_add('IVAF001.ADL','tg4rms') BEGIN dbms_tg4rms.addl_to_add('IVAF001.ADL','tg4rms'); END;

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-04053: error occurred when validating remote object ORACLE9205.DBMS_HS_PASSTHROUGH_at_TG4RMS ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2 ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
[Transparent gateway for RMS]ADD-RMS

ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from TG4RMS
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_TG4RMS", line 33
ORA-06512: at line 1

I enabled tracing with HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL=ON and the trace file shows

Oracle Corporation --- WEDNESDAY FEB 22 2012 09:19:16.797

Heterogeneous Agent Release

[C078] Dynamic library 'NVDB_RMS' was not found

PATH = ora$disque:[oracle9205]

[C077] Could not find symbol 'ADD-RMS' in dynamic library

[Transparent gateway for RMS] version:
Setting NAVDEF to ora_tg4rms_dd

<datasource name='TG4RMS' type='ADD-RMS' connect='ora_tg4rms_dd'
<driverProperties/></datasource></datasources><remoteMachines/><environment> <misc year2000Policy='-1' consumerApi='1' sessionBehavior='4'/><queryProcessor
parserDepth='2000' noInsertParameterization='true' noThreadedReadAhead='true'/></environment></binding></navobj> ORACLE RMS GATEWAY Log File Started at 22-Feb-12 09:19:17 ADD-RMS Closing log file at WED FEB 22 09:19:17 2012. :

I figured those 2 messages were related and the 2nd must be the result of the 1st.:
[C078] Dynamic library 'NVDB_RMS' was not found
[C077] Could not find symbol 'ADD-RMS' in dynamic library

I guessed that 'NVDB_RMS' must be a logical name pointing to the library containing the ADD-RMS routine. Such logical name was not defined. After some research I found that ORA_ROOT:[lib32]hsdb_rms.exe contained ADD-RMS so I went

$ define/sys/exec NVDB_RMS ORA_ROOT:[lib32]hsdb_rms

and did a test again. This time there is no error message, it simply sits there and wait (in SQLPLUS)

Now looking up the process with $ ANALYZE/SYSTEM it shows that the library is called, and the other associated programs and libraries are loaded, but it just goes into circles (only CPU, no IO). No trace or log are written to.

I just don't know what to do next, still researching. Metalink apparently had everything removed regarding this product which is not supported for a while.

If you are using it, or the 10gR1 flavor, let me know. You can contact me directly by removing zulu from my email address.

BTW I patched this installation to but it did not re-link this particular product and it looks like no patches apply to it.

Thanks !

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