Oracle RAC

From: Jim Watts <>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:24:22 GMT
Message-ID: <h7lrq7$ss9$>

We are going to be implementing a new Student Information System which will be using Oracle 11G for the database. We are looking at RAC and are interested what some of the gotachs. What are some of the things that can not be done if using RAC versus not RAC (as in software updates and such). I have read through some of the documentation but over the years have learned to it does not always tell you everything. I have gone through a few forums and news groups but it is all running together at this point.

Any information and insight is greatly appreciated.


Jim Watts
Kutztown University Received on Wed Sep 02 2009 - 08:24:22 CDT

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