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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 10:15:54 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 3, 7:29 am, "Terry Dykstra" <> wrote:
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> On Sep 3, 8:43 am, (Jim Watts) wrote:
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> > Everyone thank you for the information.
> > The choice of Oracle on Windows was not mine.
> > The reason that RAC is being looked into is to allow for high availability
> > during registration and to prevent people from having to come in after
> > hours
> > to flip hardware around for a failure.
> > I understand that there are other possible options. But I have to cover
> > all
> > my bases.
> The argument is that unless you have some very very strong in house
> expertise you are likely to get less uptime ( more downtime ) in a RAC
> configuration than you are in a single server configuration.  Plus
> that expertise has to be available pretty much immediately 24 x 7 x
> 365.
> When you toss in the idea of running RAC on a windows based server
> that kind of magnifies this type of issue.
> The reliability/availability of a unix/linux server tends to be in the
> 99.9 percent range.  ( Some might argue that linux is more like
> 99.8 ).
> Many many years ago "if" one was running oracle on a windows based
> server it was not uncommon to have to plan a weekly if not daily
> reboot of the server.  Not necessarily oracle based problems but from
> the operating system.
> That left a very bad taste in many people's experience of oracle on
> windows.  Some if not all of those types of considerations may not be
> so valid any longer ( no real idea thank you very much ).

This reminds me of a brief tuning job I did once. 7.3.4 on Solaris, talked at by windows-based telephone registration system for a local college. Quickened Oracle logins with OOB setting, no problem. Isolated problem: Windows-based telephone registration system couldn't handle 1000's of students all calling at the same time. Not much more work there for me.

> You probably won't get this much honest real world experience from a
> 3rd party oracle partner trying to push a RAC windows based system
> sales opportunity.

(Terry, appreciate that you don't top-post, but you might want to delineate quotes more clearly)

> In our shop we run W3K and databases run for months in a row without ever
> needing to shutdown.  Now if you insist on installing every MS Security
> patch every time new ones come out, obviously you cannot achieve that kind
> of uptime.

Oh man, do you see the problem here? Facing probable script kiddies student environment without the latest security patches? Yikes!


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